13th March 2020

Schools Godwit Project On Hold.

The Schools Godwit Project has been running since 2006 with great interest generated in hundreds of children in Ireland, Iceland and the UK in the amazing life history of the Icelandic Black-tailed Godwit and their wetland ecosystems. If you take a look at the archive on this website you will see the breadth of what we have achieved in that time. Life gets in the way and unfortunately for now we are unable to maintain the amazing energy that has been given to this very successful project which has gone way beyond just looking at godwits, leading to lifelone friendships and a greater awareness of our global community and how we are all connected in so many ways. For now the project is on hold and hopefully it can be re-energised in time to come. The website will remain as a record of what we achieved and an example of what can be done through the study of the godwits and taking that information and bringing it to the children in school. I would like to thank all those who have helped with this project over the years. especially Willie McSweeney, Guðný Róbertsdóttir, Pete Potts, Tómas Gunnarsson and all those who supported this porject in so many ways. I will continue to answer emails sent via our email address.

14th June 2016

Pupils in Siglufjörður busy with the Godwit Project!

Pupils from Siglufjörður on their outing to look for Black-tailed Godwits.

On the 11th of May we went birdwatching:
4th grade in Siglufjörður went birdwatching this morning and they were lucky, they saw 3 ringed godwits, GN-YRflag, YN-LX and GO-WX. All of them already adopted here by pupils in 8th and 9th and 6th grade (when they took part in the godwit project). They also saw golden plovers, redshanks, oystercatchers, and four kinds of ducks Tufted duck, Scaup, Mallard, Red-breasted Merganser and Eiders. There is still much snow in the mountains, and also on low land, but spring is already here so we hope that the it will melt quickly.

Bless for now, Guðný.
(Note: GN-YRflag which the pupils saw was ringed in Siglufjörður in July 2008 and has since been seen in England, Netherlands, France and Spain!)

The class also brings their observations and studies fo the godwits in the to classroom, a very important part of the International Schools Godwit Project. Here are some images showing them and their great work.

Pupils from Siglufjörður and their school work based on their observations and studies of the Icelandic Black-tailed Godwit.